Ancient Frankincense Scented Candle


On a frosty winter’s eve in Medieval England, a rare and magical beacon of frankincense, spices and resins burns brightly. Illuminating the night’s sky for nomads and wanderers, the bonfire’s miraculous incense drifts over the land.

Ancient Frankincense

In Medieval times, things were simpler. Innovators burned resins, woods and incense rocks for pleasure and religious purposes.

This fragrance harks back to Medieval times; we have used an abundance of natural resins and chosen oils that existed hundreds of years ago, to create a fragrance that throws us back to the simpler times of our ancestors.

Just as the stars guided weary travellers (that’s right, no Google Maps), so Ancient Frankincense illuminates the nights sky and broadcasts its scent throughout the land.


  • Size: 220 gram candle, with a burn time of approx. 50 hours
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Pink Pepper Oil
Elemi Resin

Frankincense Resin
Myrrh Resin
Labdanum Resin

Pine Resin
Cypress Oil
Patchouli Oil

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