I’m lucky enough to have lived and worked all over the world as a professional perfumer (including Holland, France and Japan). I was classically-trained by some of the best British and French perfumers that have ever lived.

Yet, even after 30 years of creating fragrances for brands all over the world, several years ago I still felt vulnerable and lacked confidence in my abilities.

I wanted to create a fragrance that would truly express myself and my creative freedom. So, in 2010, after 3 years of careful craft, I launched my very first fragrance under my own name – Signature. To this day it is still loved and worn by many – I am consistently amazed!


We all have a sensitive, sometimes vulnerable, core. I believe that we can influence our confidence and feelings through the perfumes we choose to wear.

To this day, whenever I wear my Signature fragrance, I am instantly boosted by feelings of freedom and creativity.

Since then, I have created four more perfumes to allow like-minded individuals to heighten the feelings they want to experience. Whether you’re recharging at home with family and friends and want to feel loving and caring, or if you are going out and want to feel optimistic and adventurous – I hope that you will find something for you in my collection.

My wish is that individuals who choose to wear my perfumes can heighten whatever feelings they want to experience. To connect with the person within them, whatever the situation.


Now, I have been joined by my daughter Claire and son Nic in our family business and it is our mission to spread the impact that fragrance can have on our feelings.

I was born in London to an English/Irish father and a Welsh/English mother, and then later married a Dutchman (hence the surname!). It fills me with great pride to currently be the only British perfumer with a collection of fragrances under my own name. I hope that through my work, and your interest in my perfumes, that we can awaken Britain’s awareness to the joys of perfume creation.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to getting to know you.


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