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Ruth Mastenbroek is a classically-trained perfumer from England. She has been composing perfumes for 40 years, and is the secret nose behind many famous brands and fragrances. Born in London, her love affair with perfume began when she worked in the fragrance department at Selfridges in the 1970s. Ruth adores creating perfume; she seeks perfection in each of her creations. Every one of her perfumes is a masterpiece that takes 2-3 years to craft. Every drop tells a story.

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How did you hear about Ruth Mastenbroek… perhaps you smelled it on someone in the street and asked them what perfume they were wearing. Or tell us a story of a favourite time wearing a Ruth Mastenbroek perfume - maybe it was on a first date? Or even if you haven’t tried one of our perfumes, we’d love to hear about why you love fragrance…