Microencapsulated Scentwear

Microencapsulated Scentwear

I first became aware of the possibilities of microencapsulation several years ago, when I created fragrances for Scratch 'n Sniff children's books, in combination with the British company Celessence Technologies. When I began creating my own fragrance, with the theme of 'surrounding yourself with the fragrance you love', my next thought was: How can I make use of the exciting technology of microencapsulation??

I came up with the idea of the Scented Bathrobe so that you can wrap yourself in it after a bath or shower and feel subtly more sexy that in an ordinary robe! The scent just makes you feel good... even if you are on your own with a box of chocolates in front of yuor favourite TV programme!

This is how it works:

Tiny polymeric microcapsule shells surround the Ruth Mastenbroek fragrance, protecting it to last. A novel binder system fixes the microcapsule shells onto the fabric during the 'finishing process' involved in making the fabric.

The contents of the microcapsules are released with friction and movement such as walking and stretching so that you get the benefit gradually over time.

The microenapsulation technology survives multiple washes, thereby allowing the benefits of the contents of the microcapsules (the Ruth Mastenbroek fragrance!) to be enjoyed over a long period of time. The capsules have been dermatologically tested and are completely safe to the skin.

I am very excited to have been the first to release what I think is a wonderful bathrobe with my own signature scent, using this great British technology! I am working on more garments- watch this space!

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