The perfect travel companion for when you’re on the move and want to take your favourite fragrance with you. Compact and elegant (not to mention cute), the 30ml bottle will keep you smelling fresh and sophisticated when you’re out and about.

Ruth Mastenbroek Oxford - 30ml
Oxford Eau de Parfum

Venture forth with confidence, as fresh herbs are tossed with amber and vanilla

Ruth Mastenbroek Signature - 30ml
Signature Eau de Parfum

Experience refined freedom as you explore a forest trail

Ruth Mastenbroek Firedance - 30ml
Firedance Eau de Parfum

Time to indulge in this hedonistic and opulent smoky rose scent

Ruth Mastenbroek Amorosa - 30ml
Amorosa Eau de Parfum

Imagine the rolling landscape of Umbria bursting with white flowers

Ruth Mastenbroek Dagain - 30ml
Dagian Eau de Parfum

Brighten your day with zesty lime, blooming orange blossom and soothing sandalwood