Amorosa selected as a "Scent of the Summer" by The Lady

In Britain, perhaps it’s the fragrance of cut grass and strawberries (and maybe even a hint of Pimms). If you’re seeking the sun abroad, the smell of the sea and the coconut scent of sun lotion always conjures images of hot, lazy days.

Smell is incredibly powerful, and you should change your perfume to suit your setting and boost your mood. ‘The scents of summer transport us to holiday destinations,’ explains niche English perfumer, Ruth Mastenbroek. ‘Waves crashing on the beach under the hot sun translates into light, fresh colognes with Mediterranean citrus and marine notes; or into the mountains, with crisp, cool ozonic notes. 

‘Floral notes can either have a light touch for personal refreshment, or be heady and sultry - for when we want to be noticed!’ 

Below is our selection of our favourite fragrances to enhance your summer. Some are light, some are heady; all are unforgettable…

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