The Financial Times

Ruth Mastenbroek, a British perfumer who has helped to create fragrances for Jo Malone and Jigsaw, among others, is also using modern technology. She has experimented with micro-encapsulation, which allows tiny capsules of scent to be set into fabric. She has already used the process to manufacture scented bathrobes and is planning to do the same with bed linen. Mastenbroek’s signature scent – which contains notes of oak moss, bergamot, patchouli and rose – was developed to suit both skin and surroundings, so the eau de parfum, reed diffuser, bathrobe and candle all have exactly the same smell. She says a scent that is used for both a person and a home has to be fairly complex. “It needs to start from the personal fragrance side and then develop into the home rather than the other way around. A lot of candle fragrances, have given themselves a bad name by being so one-sided. They need to be more sophisticated.”

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