My Story

My name is Ruth Mastenbroek. This is my story.

I am a perfumer. I adore fragrance and working with some of the most exquisitely scented materials on earth. My degree in chemistry and all my subsequent work have been devoted to developing the art and science of fragrance.

For the past 25 years I have worked with oils and essences, flowers and spices to create fragrance to order.

Like any artist, in this case whose palette is smells, I have always sought that elixir, the scent that stands out above all others and I can truly call me. I have finally found it and the result is Ruth Mastenbrœk, the fragrance.

The search for the perfect bottle and packaging design began many months ago. Alongside the development of every cream and lotion, the fragrance for each product was fine-tuned and polished. I am now proud to present my first collection of beautiful products.

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Ruth Mastenbroek