I have loved fragrance all my life. During my childhood in America I woke up to the scent of woods and creeks, wild flowers, and the smell of sunshine. As a young adult I discovered the incredible smells of the essential oils, absolutes and synthetic ingredients that go into perfumes when I worked in the Perfumery department at Selfridges. The flair involved in creating a fragrance appealed to my artistic side. Understanding the ingredients chimed perfectly with my chemistry degree from Oxford. I worked as a perfumer with one of the main fragrance companies, Quest, in England, Holland, France and Japan. Later I was President of the British Society of Perfumers.

Several years ago I set up my own company. I have created fragrances for many different brands, including Jo Malone, Kenneth Turner and Jigsaw. So many influences have gone into the creation of my fragrance. You could say it is made up of the scents of my life’s journey – the past and present creating the future.

Memories of childhood in England and America – chocolate cookies, fresh earth, blackberries; of Holland - lilies, narcissus, hyacinth and salty sea air; of France - orchids, roses and wild herbs;  of Japan -  jasmine, cherry blossom, lotus and green tea.  Then there are the influences of the other loves of my life, music and dance, whose rhythms and colours bring an indefinable energy to my fragrances.

My perfumery palette is my playground, my refuge, my source of inspiration. From it I have created a scent that I believe is unique, an elixir that emerges, a translucent genie from a golden lamp.

I offer it to you, and I hope you will adore it:

Ruth Mastenbroek, the fragrance

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Ruth Mastenbroek